JavaServer Faces (JSF) Training Course

Instructor: Michail Kassapoglou

Location: Athens-Greece but upon availability provides training seminars all over Europe

Duration: 4 Days

Price: 450 Euro per Student

Other Options: Live through Skype

JavaServer Faces is a standard web technology that runs on the server, but displays on the client. JSF technology simplifies the programming and offers lots of reusable UI components, extensible architecture, support for multiple client devices and several other facilities.
In this training course, students will learn how to improve productivity and flexibility in web application development, and how to add and use third-party extensions, such as AJAX support.
During this JSF seminar students will use many features of JSF to write an application ensuring that the concepts and statements taught are fully understood and practical experience is gained.
Course Objectives:
  • Understand the purpose and scope of the JSF architecture
  • Build web applications using JSF’s FacesServlet, faces-config.xml, and the JSF request/response lifecycle
  • Use Facelets tag libraries to build JSF views
  • Use managed beans to encapsulate form handling and server-side presentation logic
  • Implement control logic as JSF event listeners or action methods
  • Use validators and converters to implement a validation phase for a JSF application
  • Build composite UI fragments or custom components using Facelets
  • Build Ajax applications with JSF: client-side behaviors and partial requests and responses followed by DOM updates
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